product care

Caring For Your Wooden Playdough Stampers
Due to the nature of timber it is not uncommon for products to occasionally dry and crack with age. At The Little Playdough Co we do a lot to prevent this through the process of slow drying. However, we cannot guarantee it. If you follow our guidelines stated below cracking and splitting is less likely to occur.  Respectfully, we do not offer refunds or replacements in these circumstances.

Please be aware that all of the foraged timber used is not chemically treated or kiln dried. At The Little Playdough Co we do this process slowly & naturally.

Do not submerge your Wooden Playdough Stampers in water. If your stampers do happen to come in contact with water, simply towel dry (leaving on towel overnight to absorb any additional moisture). Oil when dry to prevent cracking or splitting.

Store out of direct sunlight but away from damp areas. This lessens the likelihood of your wooden items growing mould.

We recommend sporadically oiling your Wooden Playdough Stampers (approximately every 6+ months). This can be done with 100% Organic Tung Oil or Natural Linseed Oil. We recommend against using food-grade oils to prevent wooden stamps from going rancid.

If dried playdough becomes stuck in the grooves of your wooden stampers simply use an old toothbrush or kitchen skewer to remove.

Caring For Your Playdough
At The Little Playdough Co we ensure that all of our playdough is made from 100% non-toxic (unless otherwise stated), premium bakery ingredients. However, due to the high levels of salt in our playdough is not recommended for human consumption.

Unless otherwise stated you can be sure that all of our playdough products are:
• Cruelty Free
• Halal & Kosher
• Vegan

To prolong the shelf life of your playdough The Little Playdough Co recommends storing in a cool dry place (preferably in a cupboard or wardrobe where the temperature doesn't fluctuate). Exposure to prolonged periods of sunlight may result in colour fading or discolouration.

At The Little Playdough Co our playdough will last 6 months (minimum) provided it is played with regularly, stored correctly in the jars provided, not contaminated with other items & kept out of direct sunlight.

However, if you do find the lid has been left open overnight or left out of the jar we recommend adding a few drops of household oil (coconut, vegetable, rice bran) and knead until smooth. Whilst we cannot guarantee this practice we will keep our fingers crossed for you xx